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Our Chesapeake Family Law Attorney Is the Guide You Need When It Feels Like Your World Has Turned Upside Down

Divorce can turn your whole world upside-down. You may feel angry, exhausted, or scared—and none of these are a good state of mind to make the biggest decisions of your life. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes before and during the separation process that put their futures at risk.

Whether you’ve been together one year or twenty, you need someone on your side who will aggressively protect your parental rights and ensure that you receive a fair share of everything you worked hard to build.

The Advocate You Need When Emotions Run High

Our experience has taught us that when parents and spouses are pushed to their limits, they’re often guided by their hearts instead of their heads. They may feel threatened and lash out to protect themselves and the things they hold dear, focusing on the heat of the moment instead of planning for the next phase of their life.

As your representative, we only do what is in your best interest. We give you a frank and honest appraisal of what to expect at every turn, and advise against any course of action that doesn’t align with your future goals. In short, we go beyond what you want to get you what you need.

Coastal Atlantic Law provides compassionate and straightforward guidance to clients throughout all family law matters.

  • Divorce. Virginia has equitable distribution laws for dividing assets in a divorce, but this doesn’t mean that all property will be split 50/50. Any separate (or premarital) assets may be kept intact, but assets considered community (or shared) property are subject to division. Even if you were never legally married, the law gives partners the right to receive an equitable portion of shared property upon separation. We protect your rights and handle negotiations between you and your ex-partner, helping you get a settlement agreement that will allow you to move on with confidence.
  • Child custody and support. There are many kinds of custody and limitless options for visitation schedules, making it difficult for parents to preserve their relationships with their children. Depending on your situation, we can work to secure physical custody and child support payments or ensure your rights to visitation and legal custody are respected. 
  • Separation litigation. Some spouses respond to separation by contesting the divorce, refusing to leave the family home, or otherwise attempting to drag out the process. If necessary, we can initiate evictions, partition suits, and other petitions to assert your rights. If you have already received a summons or been fined due to errors in divorce documents, we can revise your accounting and paperwork and present your case to the court.
  • Criminal matters. If your separation is complicated by domestic violence or another criminal action, we can file protective orders and handle these complex cases with sensitivity. 

When Trouble Calls, Contact a Trusted Chesapeake Family Law Attorney

Divorce is hard enough without worrying about what it means for your family and financial stability. We do everything we can to ease the pressure you’re under while preserving your goals for the future. 

If you need legal services or representation in the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area, Coastal Atlantic Law is here for you. We serve clients in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to discuss how we can be of assistance.